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Osamoda's noformo bug

By Etacirus#9947 - SUBSCRIBER - July 13, 2021, 15:46:07


Just to make it clear, the main point of this thread, aside from reporting the bug, is to point out how disrespectful can Ankama be for their players. 

I've been maining an osamodas since I started playing dofus a long time ago (more than I'd like to admit) and the past week was by far one of the worst ever - even worst than those after Pandala III update with the latency issues.

So the "brand new" bug makes you relog every time you summon any summon while a noformo is out and then said noformo is transformed into a summon. 

This happens every time those conditions are verified (summon - noformo - noformo transformation) not only on the first turn of the match. 

Please see the image below. 


The only way I've found around these were: 

- Don't transform the noformo into a summon, just let it be and maybe kill it next turn;
- Relog your char, potentially losing a turn of the fight.

This bug has been all over french forums, even on international forum, and I'm pretty sure Ankama already knows about it. 

So, today I logged in hoping for a fix because it is something that in fact implies with the ability to play of part of the players, making their classes redundant, being frustrating to do a simple turn as mentioned above.

When I try to reproduce the bug it still happens, then I check the log book for the changes with the maintenance and Ankama has decided to change 2 classes that are perfectly fine when it comes to their ability to play the game and when it comes to the osamoda's bug Ankama decides to simply ignore it and leave our class as broken as last week. 

I don't really expect this post to change anything, but its yet another proof of the lack of respect that Ankama still holds towards their player base, leaving a 1 week old bug that actually affects the ability to play of some players ruin the experience for said players.

Meanwhile I will keep relogging after every summon-noformo-summon turn in every fight I do :^)
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First Ankama intervention

I am genuinely sorry this wasn't fixed today, but the past should be deployed during next week's server maintenance. 

See message in context
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Good thing you make an post about this one. It still wasn't fixed after the update today. Keep losing my kollo's for missing this turn.. Amkana PLZ fix this... and give us something in return for this, like new sub days or something to make this up. 

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I am genuinely sorry this wasn't fixed today, but the past should be deployed during next week's server maintenance. 

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