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Hupper's elemental guardian spell - possible bug, when no summons left to use at the time when it used

By bohemia#2044 - SUBSCRIBER - July 26, 2021, 02:22:42
Good morning/ evening,

With the rest of the summons (arachness, chaffer, livi bag, shovel, etc), when they can not be used at the current time in a fight, they are grayed out and the spell can not be launched, nor it uses ap points, nor it generates the respective spell animation.

As for the hupper, if s/he has used all his summons in the fight already and has no extra one available, and the player tries to still use the elemental guardian spell, then the spell seems to work, some animation is launched on the targeted cell, but no elemental guardian is produced, yet the ap points for it get used.

Is this a new feature, or a new bug?
Please, let me know, to know which way to change the way I play atm.
Thanks in advance.
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Thank you for notifying us. The issue has been reported to the team. 

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