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Bot/Autoclicker system Bug

By Brokchus#5550 - SUBSCRIBER - June 27, 2022, 13:39:19

Hi, im new in this game. Been playing for last two month almost non stop, it's great but definitly have flaws. I decided to level up mining to earn some kamas and when i hit 100 i discovered there is a huge problem with tin veins.

There are pictures of 3 characters siting 24/7, insta mining tin nodes.

Here are the link to thier character pages. Single proffesion, not even fully leveled characters. If someone got any doubt's at this points i dont know what else i can provide. 

Iv tried to report them via ankama box but i got this message blocking me from doing so.

So if i was informed that ankama have it's own better ways to deals with this problem why im i here? Well if you spent just a little bit of time inside of that mine where screenshot's are coming from you can very quickly conclude that what ever they method is, it's simply doesnt work. And that's how we end up in bug report.

From this day i will be visiting mentioned mine every day and i will be collecting screenshots if characters caught on screens above still afk on their spots. I beg you... prove me that im wrong and your system for catching them works.

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