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BUGS - After Update from September 20, 2022

By bohemia#2044 - SUBSCRIBER - September 20, 2022, 19:57:21
BUGS - After Update from September 20, 2022

1. No "History" showing on "Maging" window, and nothing happening while trying to mage. (Sept 20, 7:45 pm DUT)

It seems like if I have a 2nd character of mine holding the item to be maged, and the runes on the character that has the appropriate level to mage said item, the maging works; tho the "history" begun to show only after 1 hour or even more of maging ...

2. No "Average price" on some items (well, on those I was looking for) (in Consumables Market). (Sept 20, 7:30 pm DUT)

3. And a guildie of mine can't find some NPC in Vigilante Base, for Crimson Quest ... u -u (Sept 20, 7:15 pm DUT)

4. I've found some kamas in bank, with no "Sales" list at log in. (Sept 20, around 7 pm DUT )

5. Another guidlie can not find the NPC for Leek Pie. (Sept 20, around 11:00 pm DUT)

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First Ankama intervention
Hello bohemia!
Can you please let us know which of these bugs you are still experiencing to this day so we can investigate?

See message in context
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Random items seem to not have average prices. A quick look through my miner/lumberjack chest shows me some items with average price data, and some without, with no apparent pattern.
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6. On my main-main, Sleeping-whip, I only get some notifications of guild logs in, while on other, Sleeping-Fortuna, I get the rest of notifications ... weird ... (Sept 21; 9:30 pm DUT + - )

7. I forgot to mention, at log in, I had some lots shipped to bank, cuz time expired ... I remember I changed prices the other day tho, like I usually do, last 1 - 2 days till end of sale period.  (Sept 21; 9:30 pm DUT + - )

8. Gob Corner/ Inglase Fields, still laggy as a burnt marshmallow trying to outspeed a snail! (Sept 21; 11:05 pm DUT )

9. Some insane amount of HP it is said to have been recovered, often, on log on, or before a fight. (September 21;  11:30 pm DUT + - )

10. Not summoning a spider on a/ some chars when they should, seems not to fail the spider challenge. ( September 21; 11:50 pm DUT )

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i have not been able to open my professions interface since the update. my other chars can open them np but my char with most of my profs cannot
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Hello bohemia!
Can you please let us know which of these bugs you are still experiencing to this day so we can investigate?

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1. "History" now shows at maging, and I can mage like I usually do (either 1 character holds runes and item and also mages; either a character holds item and runes and a second mages). ( Sept 23)

2. "Average price" seem to be working. (sept 23)




6. I get notifs on the chars for guild members logging in now. (sept 23)




10. Chall of spider/ chaffer is still bugged = chall doesn't fail if one/ more chars do not cast it when they should. (Sept 23)


11. Not sure 100%,  but I do think like 95 % sure that a sale of 1.4 m + didn't pass kamas on character when I clicked on that; kamas just vanished. T-T ... I shall pay more attention next time, for 100% accuracy of this point. (Sept 23)

12. XP donated by guild members seems ... a bit off ... too much ... many showing to have donated few Bk xp ... I wish it were truth, lol, but it aint, I remember + - how it was recently.

13. /c chat not working. (Sept 23)

14. In Royal Mastogob, we were ready to sacrifice a character, to get all achievements at the same time; an iop used Intimidation on boss, instead of release; I remember a few times forgetting or getting carried away and using release with a lil dmg, and getting half party killed; this time, with Intimidation, which both does dmg and pushes, we only failed Indirect Dmg Kills Achiev, but none died. Question is: Shouldn't have died the character/s in line with boss? (Sept 23)

15. In Royal Pinguin, all life steal, either by weapon or spell, was counted as healing, and got quite a few of the party dead. Shouldn't only healing do dmg to allies if cc one to e.a. ? Oh, and I do believe the dmg on life stealing weapons/ spells use was on all map an all characters cc to e.a., even far from the one life stealing. If I recall correctly, only healing should dmg allies if cc to e.a. and 1 of the 2 cc (or more) is healed. (Sept 24 )

16. Most fights ( 99%) end without any spell animation ... asap as the final hit is done, fight ends; and no fatal blows, it seems, either. ( Sept 24)

17. For Quest "The Ultimate Rampant", the signs on map say, at some step, that I need to go to [-74,-34] :

While instead, I need to go to [-74,-33] :

(Sept 24)

18. At the same quest step as above, point 17., I was looking at recipe, to let it open on bottom of window, to see what I need from bank for it; a guildie asked for an invite on an alt; I exited the craft menu, I did the guild invite; then later, all work benches on that floor were inaccessible for my character, even if all were still being highlighted while pressing "y"; I had to relog, and then it all seemed "fixed" somehow. (Sept 24)

19. The img of Handyman Bag from [-64, 57] from quest "I'll Box Your Ears" is waaay, but waaay to fadeeeee, in transparent mode, I needed a couple of relogging of character, even rebooted laptop; and my "luck" was a group on map that started a fight on a big mob, making that Handyman Bag visible while pressing "y" ... pheewwww! (Sept 24)


20. Two images, alike, for different bags, for different quests. (Sept 24)
[ - 86. - 42   ] for Quest "I'll Box Your Ears"

[- 87 , - 40 ] for Quest "Button for Punishment"


21. For the Quest "A Spoonful of Sugar", I have tried all the Ovens shown while pressing "Y", with this result:


I tried both rooms:


It took me a few relogs of character, and even closing Launcher and restarting it and all clients a few times, till the proper Oven was highlighted too when pressing "y" and I was finaaaaalllly able to craft the candy of hell. (Sept 24)

22. Cawwot challenge - also bugged - if one/ all of the players from group do not cast it when it should be casted, it does not fail the challenge, (Sept 25)

23. Idols bar not showing most of the time, even if idols are being in use. (Sept 26)

24. It seems to me that turns pass quicker now? Or I am mistaken? Could I be THAT lagged? Even if I've just rebooted laptop etc. It started after Manstiscore dungie, for the new spell. (Sept 26)

25. A guildie said that last night, after I went afk for dinner, one of my characters being lead of group and holding idols and having a composition active, she did Mantiscore dung, for one of the new spells; in rooms 1,3 and 5 my character's set up of idols appeared and were being in use, even if the character holding them and being group lead wasn't even in fight, it was just in group, but I was afk. (Sept 26)

26. "Pink Chat" bug is still there : sometime unable to use any ap/ mp/ spell/ etc, whatever we try to do, it just shows in "pink chat", aka, cell nr, or "x spell avaialble", "fix" = alt-tab to another client/ window, then alt-tab back. (Sept 26)


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Errr ...

Well ??!!
Shall I go on with this list?! 
After the maint from this morning (happening atm) ?!
Or naaaaaaa ?!
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I have a new bug to report: Achievement Quest line "A model citizen" won't complete itself even after all the steps required for it have been completed. See picture, all the green checkmarks are there, yet the achievement is not completed nor I gained its rewards. A friend of mine has the same problem on 2 of his characters.
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New bug - Valley of the lady of the Water. Nagate room.

"Mobs in last room are not summoning anything making it impossible to complete the dungeon. I found this after the 2.65 update."
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Im not sure if it is intended but chakra concentration from sram breaks the challenge clean hands now. I am %90 sure it wasn't before but I just had a clean hands got broken from using traps+chakra concentration.
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BUGS still around/ new ones:

26. "Pink Bug" chat - still around (Sept 27).

10. Summoning challenges:
  • - spider :
  • - skele : fiexed (Sept 28)
  • - cawwot: fixed (Sept 27)
24. Either time per turn has been reduced; or after the update from last week (and even worse after the maint from this week), game has become so laggy, that it requires more often relogs/ close launcher + log again, and even so, it still lags badly, often I can hardly use 75 - 90% of APs per turn/ character only. (Sept 27)

23. Idols still not showing all time when being in use. (Sept 28)

27. While multi client-ing, sound from more than just 1 client. Kindof confusing. (Sept 29)



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I appreciate your enthusiasm in reporting bugs. However, for ease of readability on my side, I will ask if you can create one topic per bug report, as requested in the bug reporting thread (here).

This will help me greatly in tracking the different bugs and giving you updates on their resolution!

Thank you so much!