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A model citizen quest bug.

By hotsu#3499 - SUBSCRIBER - September 22, 2022, 23:28:56
So i wanted to report i guess a bug.I am doing from Incarnum to Astrub achivment and i finished model citizen ali quests.But at the end i didn't get any achivment expirience or achivment after solving it.Anyone have idea why?Tnx. 
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After finishing all the quests for "From Incarnam to Astrub", you need to talk to the dragon Ratathrosk (upstairs in the Council Tower) to receive the Silver Dofus and validate the achievement.
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No, he is talking about one of the quest lines that are a part of "From Incarnam to Astrub" achievement - "Model Citizen". I have just completed it as well and got no achievement rewards despite having all the green checkmarks on it. 
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Can you connect to the game now and see if your achievement was validated? This should have been corrected following the maintenance.
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I can confirm that the bug has been indeed fixed, thx!
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