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[2.66] Chestnut Gravity State Bug (Osamodas)

By Neukoevo#6458 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 03, 2023, 17:18:44
Since the 2.66 update it is impossible to apply gravity state to another entity after applying gravity state to the caster Osamodas.

Steps to reproduce the bug:
1. Cast 'Heavy Fleece' on the caster.
2. Cast 'Heavy Fleece' on any other entity.

Spell description:


With the recent 2.66 update the previous Gravity State bug was fixed but it probably caused this new bug. The old bug is described in this thread:

Thank you for reading.
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This is normal and intended. As indicated in the 2.66 Update log, "As a result of issues with the duration of effects after the summon died, the Gravity state and immunity to the spell are now applied by the summoner."

You can find the full log here:

Thank you for your understanding!
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