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Paddocks problem not solved?

By ALIENFISH#4458 - SUBSCRIBER - March 30, 2023, 14:06:03
Hi guys,

I'm aware there have been issues with the paddock lately since the 2.67 release.
This morning they said problems were fixed, so I went to take care of my rhineetles.
So for all clarity - I did NOT use the paddocks in the time between the release and the deactivation of the paddocks.

However, I noticed around 50 of my rhineetles are missing, including the only emerald rhineetle I had and considering I'm chasing the generation achievements that's pretty annoying. 

Could this still be the aftermath of the release, or is the problem still active?
Should I sent a new ticket? Or would that just be obnoxious?


Nvm, got my answer. Apparently issue is still ongoing. Topic can be closed.
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