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Lord Crow Special achievement bugged

By dgjna#7023 - SUBSCRIBER - July 18, 2023, 22:25:29
In lord crow the challenge says: ''Allied fighters must finish their turn within 5 range or less of an enemy.''
This challenge fails on the most random things, alot of people tried to figure out what is causing the achievement to fail but we dont know exactly. Seems like people can do it if they do it solo but when you do it in a team there seems to be some kind of bugg.

The only way to currently bypass the bugg for those interested is to stay close to all enemies with the team. Hit them untill they are weak but dont kill them. Kill them = achievement fails.
Once they are all nearly death, use 1 character to kill all enemies in 1 turn and the achievement succeeds. 

Ankama should rlly fix it cuz this is not how the achievement is supposed to work.

I saw a MOD test this boss room earlier today his name was Kazil. He managed to do the achievement but he was fighting solo. Like I said, I think being with a team triggers the bugg somehow.

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Same here, first two characters finish their turn 5 range or less and the challenge remains but without fail, my 3rd character always fails the challenge even though it's also within 5 range or less. I've tried it 4 times now with no change in result so I'm holding off as I keep depleting my energy trying different methods. I think my Eni is cursed.

dgjna#7023|2023-07-21 07:13:27
Did you kill any enemies before your 3rd character failed the achievement?

I did yeah! one of them, is it better to not and just get them all low health like you suggested before killing - if so, does that apply to the boss also?
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Did you kill any enemies before your 3rd character failed the achievement?
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