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New: Contact a Mod

By [MOD]Adikia - VOLUNTEER MODERATOR - September 09, 2011, 16:43:26
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Sorry, as with Tingo potions this isn't something the moderators typically intervene with.

If there are more details you haven't shared about this, you're welcome to send me an Ankabox message.

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Name: Haytar
Server: Echo
Problem: stuck in dungeon

Could you please teleport me out? Thanks you!

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Your first step when stuck on a map should be contacting Support.

Especially since you didn't provide details about when is best to contact you, or how you're stuck, it's difficult for the moderators to intervene here.

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Name: Alyssin
Server: Echo
Problem: Can we get a mod to clean up the community chat. Especially the cursing, porn links, and sexual content that's been going on. A lot of bad apples it seems.

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I second this notion. Also maybe we need to put some sort of restrictions on names (Corona Virus related) as it's causing constant spam like arguments in all chats. I'm not personally offended by the names, but I can see how those who have loved ones effected by it would be outraged. 

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