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Securing your Ankama Games account

By [Manaia] - ADMIN - December 17, 2013, 23:01:17
Securing an Ankama Games account
Ankama Games wants to remind you of some rules and principles to apply in order to guarantee the safety of your Ankama Games account. Not respecting this guidelines will expose you to sanctions on your Ankama Games account(s), if you ever feel the need to file a complaint for an account or items theft.

Ankama Shield

What is Ankama Shield?

Ankama Shield is a system meant to increase the security on DOFUS accounts. It allows users to define which machines (computers) can access the important functionalities of a DOFUS account.
Ankama Shield allows you to authorize access to your account for one or several computers. If a computer isn't authorized, it can't access the account! Well, that's not entirely true, a limited access is still available: it is the restricted mode, which prevents all kinds of trades and other opportunities to degrade your account in-game and on our websites. You can handle your account's access authorizations yourself via our website, using your account management.

How do you activate Ankama Shield ?

To activate this functionality, nothing simpler, you just have to go to your account management, in the "Security" tab!

How do you use Ankama Shield ?

You will find all the information and how to use it on the official website in the Tutorial section.

Click here to access your account management in order to activate the Ankama Shield
Click here to discover the tutorial on Ankama Shield

Find out more on its dedicated FAQ
Guidelines to follow regarding your Ankama Games account password and your webmail password:
  • Use a unique and complex password, that only you know.
  • Use a password that you will only use for you Ankama Games account, and another password, that you will use only for your webmail.
  • Use at least 8 characters for your password.
  • Use a password with lower AND upper case letters, and not only at the start of the password, alternate between lower and upper case.
  • Use a pseudo random selection of letters, numbers, and punctuation.
  • Never use a word spelled backwards as a password.
  • Never use your Ankama Games account name as a password.
  • Never use you name, surname, or someone else's in any possible form. Never use your initials, your nicknames or someone else's.
  • Never use words found in English dictionaries (or any other language), nor abbreviations or other lists of common words.
  • Never use easy-to-find informations about yourself. For instance, pet names, your car's ID, your phone numbers, your car's dealer, your street name... This kind of password can easily be guessed by someone who knows you.
  • Never use passwords with only numbers, or a password using alphabetically-ordered characters.
  • Never use a date for a password (for instance, don't use a birthday).
  • Never use the keyboard's sequences, like "azerty", "qwerty", or "qazxsw".
  • Never use a password given to you as an example.
  • When you create an account on the Support website, we will take the necessary precautions.
  • No member of Ankama will ever ask you, by any possible means, your Ankama Games login information.
  • Your account is personal, never lend it to another user, even a family member. It is strictly forbidden to lend one's Ankama Games account or to use someone else's account.

Guidelines to follow regarding your webmail:
  • Never use the same email address for your DOFUS account and for your instant messaging software (like MSN Messenger for instance).
  • Never give your webmail address or any other personal address to other players, please prefer the means of communication that are available to you inside the game and on the DOFUS irc channel.

Guidelines to follow regarding the secret question and answer for your Ankama Games account and your webmail:
  • Avoid webmail addresses whose password can easily be obtained by answering an user-chosen question (like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc...).
  • For your Ankama Games account (and if a password recovery procedure exists for your webmail, with a "secret" question for example), take the time to define a question no-one but you knows the answer to. Your friends, or your family, should not be able to find the answer. (A lot of people, once they know your email address or your Ankama Games account, can try to recover your password by asking you questions in order to obtain the answer needed to recover your webmail's or Ankama Games account's password). The best tactic is usually to use a question and an answer that seem completely illogical, but which you only can make sense of.

Guidelines to follow regarding your computer:
  • Remember to regularly download your Operating System's updates (for example, if you're using Windows, go to this address: Click here).
  • Don't keep on your computer emails with your login information (for instance, remember to suppress the emails you receive when you ask for your information back).
  • Don't keep your password in a document on your computer (in a text file for instance).
  • Don't let your information be easily accessed by other people in your family circle (on a piece of paper for instance).

Guidelines to follow regarding the use of a web browser:
  • Never use your DOFUS account login information on any other website than those listed here. If a website offers you a tool to get kamas, items, or any other Dofus-related content, tell us via the DOFUS Support (Click here).
  • Do not use your Ankama Games account password as a password on other websites, especially forums and other player's personal websites. Many players lose their Ankama Games account by using their Ankama Games account information on guild forums.
  • Never use the same email address to register on an unofficial forum (guild forum for instance) and to create your Ankama Games account.

Guidelines to follow in "cybercafés" or when you use your Ankama Games information on a computer that isn't your own:
  • We would like to remind you that security rules also apply to computers in cybercafés or any other location from which you can access DOFUS (a friend's computer for instance).
  • Please check, using an up-to-date anti-virus, that no "Keylogger" (software recording every keystroke, such as passwords for example) is installed on the computer on which you will use your Ankama Games information, or your webmail information.

Guidelines to follow in case your Ankama Games account is stolen:

If someone who isn't you accesses your DOFUS account, or if you can't access your Ankama Games account anymore because the login information has been modified, you must follow this procedure:
  • Check that no virus, keylogger, or trojan horse is present on your computer.
  • Change your webmail password.
  • Change your Ankama Games account password.

Support won't give you any item back (only suppressed characters, but without their items), we would like to remind you that you are responsible for your Ankama Games account security.

Guideline to follow in-game to avoid item or Ankama Games account theft:
  • Never give your password or any other Ankama Games account information. No administrator nor moderator will ever ask them from you.
  • Never give the email address associated to your Ankama Games account to another player.
  • Never buy audiotel codes from other players.
  • Never buy houses by any other means than the house trading system.
  • Never buy a guild from another player.
  • Use the secured trading interface to trade items.
  • Use the secured crafting interface to craft items.
  • Never lend or share your Ankama Games account.
  • Never use another person's Ankama Games account.
  • Never consult unofficial websites or blogs which addresses are given directly in-game.
  • Never buy or trade characters, items, or kamas on websites.
  • Never use your Ankama Games account information on any other website than the official websites. Be very careful about fake websites copying the official websites and offering various items or Kamas, these websites are used to steal players' Ankama Games accounts