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Please respond this time...

By kiromanza#2711 - SUBSCRIBER - January 21, 2018, 12:37:45

Everyone knows dofus has bugs and ankama takes long to fix them.
Let's now talk about the fact that i've waited long enough for ankama to respond to my question.. 18 days. That's more than enough to respond... 
Let me explain my problem again, hopefully ankama will read this.
I put my spells on the spell bar the way i want so i can access them easily, str spells on 1 place, int spells on other etc. Since the 2.45 update came in dofus every maintance the spells get resetted on their original position on the spell bar (in the order of level you get them) and all special spells are gone from the spell bar too. Strangely enough this happens only on sram, not fog, not cra, not enu, not masq,  etc. ONLY sram. The only spell that gets removed from spell bar on all characters is the necrosys spell. Today while i was doing solar duo though, necrosys spell disappeared without maintance (after i relogged i suppose).
Another problem-My sram got kicked out of the game without a reason mid battle.Any idea why?
Sometimes when i open dofus to log my characters some of them get stucked on 50% and i got to relog, sometimes all characters and then it gets fixed and that's been in the game for over 2 years.
I'm sure there are more problems because when i find a problem it usually fixes itself after a relog and is 1 time thing.

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Hi Kiromanza,

We understand the frustration that certain bugs can give to you but rest assured that we are looking into it. First I also wanted to ask if you were able to contact the support service team to also make them aware of this and if so, to share with us your ticket number.

We will continue however to check and further report this to the team for verification and any new information we may receive, so thank you again for your report as it is very helpful.

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Thank you for the response, I posted it on the forums mainly because i thought it was an option of some sort since it happened only on sram. I sent a ticket, i'm not doing very well with them and usually try to share my problem here since i never choose the right category the problem is etc.

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