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Broken Quest line: The warrior's path

By Afladrol - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 07, 2018, 12:26:58

Today I did the last step in the "the Warrios's path" quest line, asking me to go back to Metamunch Kin.
The MINIMAP points me to the Astrub tavern map, but I can't find the NPC there! Anyone knows if it has been moved? If it has, then the quest is pointing to a wrong location.

EDIT: Okay, I am answering myself here, hope it's useful for the other people too.
It seems that if you have a specific quest active (don't know if it's related to the dungeon quests) Metamunch Kin is NOT PRESENT in the astrub tavern! You can find him in the antichamber of the astrub field dungeon. After finishing the trip around the world questline he will go back to the astrub tavern as usual. You can find him INSIDE the tavern, unlike the pre 2.46 NPC, which could be found right outside the door.

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