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NPC dialogue-box out of viewspace at some custom window ratios

By Gulpi - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 02, 2018, 22:49:29


  • While playing on a 4k monitor, it might be interesting to have the screen splitted for 2 accounts playing 4:3 style. Each window with a width of 1920px. Thus, it might be interesting to maximize height up to ~2116px and use the black borders on the bottom and the top for the UI. Doing so, the NPC-dialogue box on any npc gets lost and you can't read or click anything. This happens while having a greater width than 1920 x ~1533 pixels.
  • [*]Steps to reproduce the bug:
    Set the window widh to 1920px and the height between 1500px and 1600px
  • [*]Expected outcome:
    you can read and click all NPC dialogue boxes
  • Actual outcome:
  • all dialogue boxes are invisible
  • Evidence URLs (gifs, screenshots,videos, logs, when applicable):
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