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Checking for updates...

By Budyniowy - SUBSCRIBER - July 12, 2018, 21:47:57

Hi. A while ago I was playing dofus but suddenly game just minimalized to window mode from full screen, it happens every time I switch maps and havent reset dofus for few hours. So I closed dofus and tryied to open launcher but it stuck at "checking for updates...". I tryied to clear cache of the game, not helped. I reset internet, router and computer, nothing helped. I read one topic from 2014r. and GM said to download from an .exe and "act" like we want to install new dofus but it will just replace some files and it helped me once, after another few hours game minimalized again in same way. I tryied to replace again files with dofus.exe installer but now it can't connect to dofus update servers. Anyone know what to do?


I just noticed it cause "checking for updates..." in while I using my router and USB adapter... It's weird because when I run on my phone "Router Wi-Fi" and connecting my laptop to my phone, all works. Im confused now, I never had problems with dofus on my router/USB adapter connection sad

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Hi Budyniowy, we are sorry to hear about your troubles, however please know that the support service team is there to help. Therefore I would like to recommend to file a ticket so that they can give you the proper assistance.

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