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Just deleted two charactes by mistake! AND I CAN'T CREATE ANOTHER!

By AGuilhe - SUBSCRIBER - September 20, 2018, 20:40:14

Hey, I just eliminated two characters whith no need because of this.
Turns out my account can only support the characters I have now. Which makes no sense to me...

Today I tried creating a new character. Having 4 on the same (classic) type servers, the game warned me the maximum of 5 characters in classic servers had reached. I then proceeded to eliminate a character from one of those classic servers.
I tried creating a new character again, and the same thing happened. The game warned me I had reached the maximum of 4 characters in classic servers (?) and I had to go buy another slot for a new one.
I, as an intelligent boy I am, deleted another one, and now I have reached the maximum of 3 characters on the same server type?! How many maximums are there? I have deleted my progress on two servers because of this. But I thought it was strange once I'd had 5 or more characters in this account before and I checked the site on the add the game had showed (shown?), wich says I have initially 5 character slots, wich means I had only to delete one character. Now, I just saw I had 7 slots in classic servers. What. The. Hell. Dofus?!
This bug does not let me create another character! That's really anoying, because I know I have 4 slots free to use. And, furthermore, I had no need to delete the other ones!

What do I do?!

PS: This sounds like a damn bad joke! I'ts bad, because it's true!

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