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Sound/Music constantly breaks

By MaxMedinaV - SUBSCRIBER - October 31, 2018, 03:02:20

I dont know what's up with the sound but it never works right. Any time my characters disconnect which is all too frequently the sound doesnt go away. I can have the launcher closed yet I still hear the sounds from before the disconnection. The only way I've found to stop it is by restarting computer. I also dont know why randomly the sound just cuts out until I relog to fix it. There have always seemed to be issues with this and it's quite annoying

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if you leave the launcher up and just open another window of dofus when it stops, it'll kick back in

but yeah. its annoying

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Yeah but I keep my characters logged in an order. If there was a way to move the different character windows so i could keep them in the order i logged so they're in initiative order itd be fine.

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The sound bug occurs regularly. The way I manage to turn the sound back on is go into Options/Sound and then Mute the sound in Global volume, unmute, select Close, bingo! audio is back.

Now the following is a bit of pet peeve with me and I place it here as I am obtaining utter silence from the Mods/Devs regards many ongoing issues, despite posts to raise awareness.

Way too many intermittent bugs in fights at the moment, the following is an incomplete list:

  • The recurring audio issue mentioned above.
  • Damage preview not working on all characters in fights.
  • Preview damage not working at all for some spells i.e. Fulminating Arrow.
  • Damage preview being completely inaccurate with multi-hit spells/weapons, it often ignores damage and Crit damage bonus. This to me is major nerf to multi hit builds.
  • Preview damage with multi hit spells/weapons is often a complete guess when an opponent has shields.
  • Critical hits not at all relating to actual Crit %. < Still awaiting a Mod to reply to this post.
  • Kolo bug if characters change sets, One opponent disappears off the list and you have no clue the opposition team composition. This bug normally triggers the end of hover over to view Character Class/Level/Kolo League and in the resulting fight Vit/Shields/etc..

This list is not comprehensive I am sure many could add many many more, and they require addressing as soon as possible. Some classes gain major advantages with some of the above bugs, especially classes that shield. On the other hand some of the bugs are a major nerf to certain builds.

Don't get me started on the initiative order in Kolo, why remove the ability to see the initiative order? I have no clue why this was introduced.

Anyway rant over, I hope the opening paragraph is of help.

Yours Aie!


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