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A Prickly Solution (eniripsa class quest bug)

By fairygoddess - SUBSCRIBER - November 07, 2018, 07:49:30

I'm stuck on the eniripsa class quest and was wondering if anyone had a way to work around it as it's a prerequisite for many questlines that I keep having to abandon. I completed every other step for the quest except for talking to the third sick person (the Dofusophile xelor). I understand you need a Dofawa to speak to the NPC. I've tried wearing it, having it in inventory, holding only one, holding many, relogging onto the map wearing it, running onto the map with it, etc. All of the prerequisite quests are complete and this is the only remaining step. I asked two friends to attempt the quest and they had the same issue.
I reported the bug to the support team twice and they told me to ask other players for a solution as they are unable to fix it.

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Yeah, totally makes sense, ask other players, cause we can't fix it...

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Probably user error <3

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