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Map Markers Disappear

By Mobb321 - SUBSCRIBER - February 11, 2019, 21:27:39

I know a few of my guildies have been experiencing this issue, but Im not sure how widely affected the game population is.

Every time I open the map all the markers are there and ready to be waved over, but as soon as I move the map or even my cursor a good 50% of the map markers disappear off the map. I tried to do some digging to see if there was a bug fix already posted, but to no avail I found diddly squat. This bug isn't really destroying my game experience or anything, but would be something I'd like to see fixed in an upcoming patch. Makes finding dungeons or even quest markers a b to the itch.

If anyone has a possible solution beyond clearing the cache fully or something Id love to hear it!

Much love and appreciation,


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Facing same problems... please suggest me also!

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