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Following a Party Member

By BnJkIu - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 17, 2019, 21:44:24

Hey there! 

What I want to ask you is when I follow someone from my party, it shows where they are at but then doesn't update itself and shows them at the same place continuously. For example when I start to follow one of my friends when they're at -5-30, even after they move to for example -5,-31, in the map it still shows that they are at the first place where i started to follow them. So I have to keep unfollow/follow them to see their current locations. And when I try to remove all markers, they just don't vanish but persist. There's nothing wrong with world map, this only affects mini-map. 
Is this a common bug, what should I do. Thanks 

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This is indeed a new bug.  I have encountered it as well.  There is a visual bug with the minimap it seems.  Some dungeons and other markers disappear from the map as well.  

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