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Quest Pandala: Its Goddess

By ExplosiveDust - SUBSCRIBER - February 18, 2019, 12:45:12

Hello can anyone tell me what to do with this quest i've been stuck for a while at this quest i'm at the point where you need to take a Pandneken Flask to Assistant Shaman i've looked at alot of wiki's and they tell me to go to Flowarawa the Merchant but when i go to her and ask her for the Pandneken Flask it just says (As stipulated in article 33 of Grandpan's Pandic Civic Code: "It is strictly forbidden to sell Bamboo-based drinks to unauthorized persons." I'm sorry!)  And i get nothing i also went to the pandala pub to try my luck there but no luck there also he just sells 2 things and both arn't the one i need i also checked the consumable market but no one is selling it so if someone can tell me how to obtain one Pandneken Flask i would really appreciate that 

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The only way to get it is from Flowarawa, and if you select the correct dialogue, she should ask you "Is this for the Goddess?" or something like that tongue

I've done this quest pretty recently and didn't have this problem, good luck :d

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