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Wanted Monster Follower Replaced By another Quest Follower and Lost the Bounty

By TheoWar - SUBSCRIBER - March 26, 2019, 10:40:08
i've killed Gein Wanted Quest monster in srambad and i was about to return him, i thought i had to talk to an npc in the voyagers outpost in srambad to return it, and so i start speaking to the npcs there, as a result i ended up with another quest that replaced the Gein Follower effect with another quest npc and lost the bounty. i find it unfair and disappointing after all that effort gone to waste. i would like to see this issue to be ''fixed'' so it wont happened again to any other player. What I recommend is to prevent players from accepting quests that have a follower effect while you already have one or at least add a warning to the player before accepting the new quest to inform him that his current follower will be replaced
Hope I do not ask for much, and this will change so every dofus player wont get disappointed by such gameplay issues. smile
Hope to hear from you about this issue soon =)
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