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Emotes related to mounts and petsmounts not working

By littlepervert - SUBSCRIBER - April 08, 2019, 12:43:04


my Kwyness and Kompost stopped flying nad they are still hungry because can't eat earthworm wink Emotes /flyaway and /worm not working.
Also when I'm on mount or petsmount /sit /rest and some other emotes not working.
Is it a bug, or only my animals on whole Echo server are lazy and don't want to do what I want? wink

best regards 

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Hello, Murbella!

First dose of good news: your animals are not lazy nor disobedient. wink 

These symptoms match those linked to a known bug affecting mounts and petsmounts all around the World of Twelve. sad

The second dose of good news is that Otomai is working on a cure to treat not only the lack of appetite and lethargy of some petsmounts, but also the high sensory awareness that stops many animals from being able to relax and rest. 

The supplies needed for the cure were delayed en route to Otomai's lab (now that is a story for another time!), so it won't be ready in time for our beloved mounts (and petsmounts) to relax as they accompany us in your Temporal Anomalies adventures just yet. But maybe having a vigilant companion might not be a bad thing, considering what is to come... 

I'll keep you posted on Otomai's progress and once I receive word that the cure is ready, I will let you know. Until then, make sure you keep your mounts and petsmounts hydrated and well fed. Lots of fresh air and exercise can only help! <3 


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