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Unable to Connect

By xxxxsniperxxxx - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 09, 2019, 20:44:44

Since the updated today, I'm not able to login anymore. 
I get following error - Unable to log in - Connection failed. 

Im playing on macOS Mojave 10.14.4
I've already reinstalled Dofus, no changes 
any ideas ?

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I think your p2p so my post is probably useless in your situation...  Having this same problem on all my f2p chars, however the account I was recently p2p logged in although the subs ran out 5 days ago.

I noticed it may bee the 18th April before it's open to f2p again? from how it looks on  the game client from my end.

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There was a major update today, and the servers are all a mess. You might just want to wait until a little after bedtime in France to play. A few hours from now probably.

But the update didn't change anything about f2p and p2p access. The server troubles impact everyone equally.

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