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Invisible pets bug and how to fix it [Patch]

By JohnBroadley1 - SUBSCRIBER - April 15, 2019, 13:20:57

So for the last few days I've had a glitch where I couldn't see my pets, I tried fixing it by clearing the cache, reinstalling the game and so on.

However I found today that I had a status effect: Aperirel curse. 

The curse is supposed to replace your cape with a snapper, however it hadn't actually worked and all that happened was my pet disappeared (hence why I never noticed the curse to begin with). The curse can be removed by simply fighting enemies until the 3 fight duration expires. For more information on the curse, click here.

If anyone else is having these issues, check first that you don't have this curse.

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Im getting a simular problem to this. (Can't make a new thread some reason so sorry for putting this here). Ever since not the last update but the one before whenni log into the game my characters on the echo server are invibleon the podium on the character select along with ivisible on the map with my unable to move my character. I have tried partally and fully clear cashe but it didnt fix it. Wondering if anyone knows a fix. 

If possible would rather not have to reinstall the whole thing as it can't fully install it in one go before it moves it into my usb drive. 

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