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Temporis Item

By KingdomShards - SUBSCRIBER - April 17, 2019, 18:59:32


i've bought and transfered items from the Temporis Mystery Box to Tempori with the thoughts I will be able to transfer those items onto another server when temporis finish. I have yet to recieve those items, do they get distributed separately or with the XP-potions?


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As noted here, the process of distributing rewards and purchases will take a few days to complete. Items will be distributed at different times, depending on what they are, as opposed to all at once.

This also happens to include the makeover kit and transformation potions from the Temporis Mystery Box. This wasn't the case before, so in due time you may in fact receive even more items than you had expected.

This thread is technically a duplicate, so I've locked it. In order to make sure all questions and answers about this are easily found, please post in the relevant news thread if you would like anything else clarified smile