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Country Sprout isn't spawning for the quest Bottomless Fork

By Laggninja - SUBSCRIBER - April 20, 2019, 16:05:54

I am trying to complete this quest, have already given the NPC the hearts of all those other mobs and I've been given the objective to kill a country sprout. However my quest indicator still points to the NPC and when I go into the "Famished sunflower's barn" which I recall being where I fought the country sprout on my other character I don't encounter it.

I thought it spawned as part of the boss but after going through the dungeon 3 times I still haven't fought it. I've also run up and down the astrub fields without finding it in the wild. Is there some requirement I'm missing or something I need to do? The NPC only complains about having to hunt for the food and I otherwise can't figure this out.

I'll admit I don't read the dialogue and tend to just go with markers and when those don't work I use the wikia but that's not helping right now since the wikia is basically identical to the quest book.

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The Country Sprout(NPC) actually currently spawns on the same map as the NPC you give the quest items to, after you give her the items and finish the dialogue line. So that’s where you should find it. Certainly, it was that way for me. No need to enter or do the dungeon.

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I feel silly for missing it but yep that's where it was. Thanks!

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