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Burin's dane quest bug scram huntress must solo fight Silvar-Eden: -1915 (164 + 352 + 345 + 389 + 358 + 307) HP (dead). 3rd Turn

By RReaver - SUBSCRIBER - April 28, 2019, 20:34:07

she have 9900 vit at lvl200 pretty much impossible to kill for a feca in 3 turns and she becomes invisible i made sure my idols are off and looked around the internet i found a video thats 2 year old
in that video she does aroung 300+dmg poisen and use push back spells
for me she rarely use her pushback spell
Scram hunter keep spamming 
Srambad Huntress casts Toxinistros. Critical Hit!
Srambad Huntress casts Toxinistros.
Srambad Huntress casts Toxinistros. 
Silvar-Eden: -1915 (164 + 352 + 345 + 389 + 358 + 307) HP (dead)
Feca class i tried not using the Defensive spells she still keeps spamming
i'm pretty sure people need to complete this quest for ebony dofus so i dont realy know if i'm doing someting wrong but its a bit insane i think dying in the 3rd turn + sometimes going invisible
well i finaly defeated her i guess that i'm nub tongue i think around 15 tries for me it was let her come to you so yo could hit her fist before poison stackking kill her before she kill you 

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Personally, I found it more useful to stick around the box in the bottom right corner of the map to make her come to me and make it easier to find where she was hiding when invisible, as it allows you to partially block line of sight if you hug the wall. Running after her is not very useful, at least in my experience, so better to let her come to you.
Edit : Oh, and no,  this questline is involved for the Lavasmith Dofus if you look at the final achievement in the "Towers of the Bortherhood of the Forgotten" achievement section. Not the Ebony Dofus, if emory serves.

Though it does also help to have some kind of lifesteal or healing spell/summon and shield which lasts for more than one turn to take less damage from poisons. I have yet only done this fight with a Sacrier though, with which it took me two tries.

She does use her Pushback spell but I'm not exactly sure about its properties in terms of whether it needs a minimum range, so if you have completely locked her without any chance of dodging when she does not stealth up may result in poison spamming.

Advice aside, I personally find the solo fights of this questline to be rather ridiculous for the most part, and not fun because of how unfair they are towards the player, not to mention most of them are clearly designed to favor a ranged class over close combat classes, and/or sometimes have near useless NPC allies in combat. I'm stuck at a combat against two Weremoggies with my Sacrier and it just seems impossible to do when one does completely overblown damage at range(6-8 max, somewhere around that) and applies an infinite poison which deals around 800 damage(ontop of attacks which deal 700-800+ damage) which can only be removed by healing(which does not include any lifesteal), and that Weremoggy also can remove 40 lock if you're in 1 cell range of it. Meanwhile the other can apply an MP based poison and if it is in a certain state just one hit kills you in melee range. And gets 1 MP per direct attack hitting it. So if I don't get one hit killed by the one Weremoggy I basically get annihilated in turn 2 by the other Weremoggy simply because I was trying to hit it with my attacks which have like 5 range at the most, as it can take off over 1.6k health within the first turn and since Sacrier has no healing that isn't a lifesteal outside of a spell variant which only has 1 range, I can't even rid myself of the poison in my turn either without exposing myself to a ridiculous risk. Oh, and did I mention the Weremoggy with the poison and ranged spells doesn't require line of sight either, so you can't even play around the only cover that is on the map where the combat takes place?

How does anyone think that is even remotely exciting or fun to play against as a close combat based class? Those fights are hardly even worthy to be designed as a fight designed for one single player. And that questline doesn't even reward you with a Dofus without completing all the other associated Brotherhood quests, but "just" a pet which gives you what, 400 Vitality when it is at full level?

I've taken a fit at this questline and its solo fights(which, in all honesty, with the way they are currently designed, just feel forced by making us take them on without even being allowed to take a sidekick) in a different thread I created myself. Especially with how unfair they seem to be towards a close combat class. For the record, my Sacrier was Level 185 when I did these quests up to that stupid Weremoggy fight, so it's not like I have an issue with how these fights may have played out for a low level character, where the fight against Ecacheet is the only one I did at a low level and that one seems kind of ok for all classes because the enemies don't have completely overblown damage/health.

Ok, rant over. All I wanted was to see where that particular storyline went and instead I was faced with, for the most part, ridiculous, unenjoyable fights. where strategy often did not make the difference but how lucky I was on how the enemies moved and whether my own allied AI decided not to derp around and just walk up to the enemies while having literally 0 lock and not attacking that turn.

And if you want to tell me I'm just painting a bad image for this questline, well, it is because there is nothing positive to say about the combats it makes you go through.
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they should have atleast make the spells requires line of sight for melee classes my opinion

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I'm stuck at the same fight with Srambad Huntress. How did you manage to stop her from spamming Toxinistros? It keeps killing me with 3000+ dmg per turn.

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There is no real way of stopping her from spamming it, however if you do not just go in to lock her and, providing she can hit you with it, should prefer to hit you with the pushback attack rather than poison. When I did the fight with my Sacrier I just stuck to the bottom right corner of the map and used lifesteal, shield and my flying swords to keep me alive until I managed to kill her(and using what limited cover I had/could make myself with summons). But it may be harder with other classes, I don't know for sure though, having only done that fight with a Sacrier, especially if you have nothing to keep you from taking poison damage(like a shield), unbewitching yourself or healing.

And just start out far enough from her that she can't hit you from turn 1, and perhaps so you have some time to prepare your attacks to try to kill her faster. Trying to tough it out may not work with something other than a Sacrier. Note that I'm saying may.

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I Literally cannot pass that fight , the difficulty here is beyong Absurd and Ankama will not care at all 

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LVL 177 CHA Feca here, with a lot of range too, i can't beat her.
You can parry the poison 2 times  with invulnerabilities but she just stack it more, and you'll die the next turn.

This fight needs a total Revamp, it's bullshit.

In old videos the Initial map is closer and it seems that if you stand next to her she just try to escape/push you away.
Nowadays she just stand next to you and spam more fkn toxinistros.



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So will Ankama ever realize that solo quest fights, specially the tough ones that scale hard, don't belong in this game?

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Lol! I clicked this thread out of curiosity because i remember this fight and how annoying it was. Then I realized that the video you link is actually me xD This one clip is just where I win the fight. I died many many MANY times before I finally got it. I had to adjust my set, my spells and my strategy before i finally got her... and then i had to do it all over again for my other characters >_< My point with this is, yes these fights are incredibly annoying and frustrating. I know! However, they are not impossible, and i'm positive that with some adjustments you can surely beat her. biggrin

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