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Some pets not appearing in the world of twelve.

By koren-wolf - SUBSCRIBER - May 15, 2019, 20:02:44

As the title describes, some pets do not appear in the world of twelve for me. I know pets appear when meeting certain conditions.

Last week i tried to get the feanor pet, but sadly it did not appear on the map. According to  the wiki a feanor should appear after completing "Cursed" and "Queen of the damned" achievements. I have verified this by asking other players in game that they have gotten the feanor after unlocking those 2 achievements.

I have been looking around on the internet and found where the feanor should be:

=1.5remSadly for me i could not find the pet in that location as shown in the image below.

I had this happen to the "Gupin" pet too on temporis 2, but i did not make any screenshots at the time.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this?
I don't plan on buying the feanor and other pets as a bandaid solution. I unlocked the achievments so i didn't have to buy it.
I tried making a ticket, but they forwarded me to the forums as they cannot solve it.
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Never had this problem, but did you try to clear the cache and restart the game ? We never know..

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I have attempted your suggestion. First i did a clean of the temporary cache. After that i tried to clear the whole cache including settings. Both did options not work.
I also tried it on a different computer and that did not work either.

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