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Bug problem with the legendary Death-defying

By engineer-men - SUBSCRIBER - May 15, 2019, 21:11:21

the problem is simple, the resistance bonus of 20% that the object must apply, after 50% of the vitality does not apply until the beginning of the turn.
What makes it unusable in object in pvm and not in pvp, it's really not useful now as it is with the bug.
the bonus should apply once you have reached 49% of maximum vitality.
for this malfunction, stop being legendary, you equip a shield that will only give you malus for the whole fight, there is no way to survive a turn of 3 or more players (creatures).
The bonus is applied at the beginning of your turn ... it does not make sense ..

link to
Damage suffered by the bearer is increased by 15% whenever they have more than 50% HP, but damage suffered is reduced by 20% whenever they have less than 50% HP.
--500 HP
-151 to 200 Vitality
-21 to 30 Critical Resistance
-5 to 8% Earth Resistance
-5 to 8% Neutral Resistance
--1 Range
--10% Melee Damage
-7 to 10% Melee Resistance

Thank you I despice

hi -.-

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