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Cannot obtain Darwin Chester's hunting quest in f3

By ChuckMyNorris - SUBSCRIBER - May 24, 2019, 00:37:48

Darwin Chester (Located next to the frig 3 zaap) is supposed to offer a repeatable quest called "Tinned Food". As far as I know, the prerequisites to obtain this quest are minimal, if any at all, because my alt account was able to get it and I've barely done any f3 on that character.

My main account, however, has done nearly all the frigost achievements including the entire ice dofus quest line, and for some reason is not offered this quest by Darwin. 

If anyone else has experienced this, I'd be curious to know how it was resolved, because without this simple achievement I can't 100% the area. 

Nevermind I figured out the problem. Turns out Darwin gives a variety of different repeatable quests and I already had another one of his underway (from a few years back). 

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