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How to secure an hacked account

By lmfea - SUBSCRIBER - June 11, 2019, 10:11:11

So a guildie of mine got hacked. Lost all his stuff.
We would like to help him build his account again and loan him some money but we are afraid that since he has been breached once that the attacker would be able to enter again.
How can we secure his account? Will the shield feature be enough. (Since changing password is a must i didnt include it here).

Since he says that he never shared his password it only remains that the attacker either used a dictionary attack or somehow he installed a virus/keylogger on his pc.

Anyone experience on the matter?


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Good morning, lmfea. 

There are several ways for people to steal accounts, including:

  • Phishing
  • Account sharing
  • and in extremely rare cases, keylogging, hacking, brute force

If your friend was able to log back onto his account and realized everything was taken, this means his email, password, even his secret answer, have been compromised and they need to be changed immediately.
I would highly recommend that your friend contacts the Ankama Support for guidance and to investigate the situation. Additional information on the steps to take when an account is stolen can be found on the Ankama Support website. 

For those interested in securing their accounts, please read these 8 tips the Ankama Support department has put together. 

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