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Quest Bug: 'Last Contact', 'Mushroomination'

By pulczieni - SUBSCRIBER - June 25, 2019, 08:43:15

I cannot advance in both quests mentioned in title, here's where I'm stuck (I think it's so in game bug).

"Last Contact'
Im on a step: "Get information about Kory from the Merians'. I cannot advance, I checked wikia and other sites that i should Talk to Canynan the Merian [-26,-5] then Talk to Hyrini [-27-3] but quest do not advance. I was in cave but fireplace is not clickable.

It says "Get 20 Fungus Remains", I got it in quest inventory but Ougaa's Cheerful Disciple does not want to talk with me. Wikia says I should give remains to him.

Do you guys had such issues or I'm doing something wrong?

Update 'Mushroomination':
I went to map [-14,34] and fought one mob and quest updated (even thou I already had 20 fungus remains). Went to Ougaa's Cheerful Disciple and I could complete. 

Still looking for a way to advance in Last Contact quest.

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