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Reporting Mining Bots [Ilyzaelle]

By MudBiker - SUBSCRIBER - July 30, 2019, 03:54:54

I would like to contact a Mod regarding Mining bots. I've compiled video evidence since one of them went offline.

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atta boy/girl

How do we report the people in game that are advertising scripts outside of the Bank?  They're asking for people to join a discord server and pay for scripts.  Might I suggest an in game report button if we suspect someone of botting/cheating/using a third party program?  There isn't an option when I select someone's name.  People shy away from games with botting in player based economies because it literally makes the economy unbalanced causing prices to drastically drop for certain items like bread, fish, wood, and mining.  There's 2 choices, either make the game unbottable, which means run a third party detection within the client.  Or the rather, which would be to just give players a report function in chat and have Ankama monitor the reports and deal with botters/cheaters accordingly.  It will at least deter people from cheating and promote balanced gameplay to the community as a whole.  It's saying "Yes we see you, and yes we're aware."

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Yeah I noticed that Wakfu has an in-game reporting system. I thought I read somewhere that said in-game reporter systems get abused by trolls but I'll need to find the thread where a Mod made that comment.

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