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Installing Dofus via Ankama Launcher made me stop crashing

By Compulsive - SUBSCRIBER - August 10, 2019, 01:24:39

I am not sure if this was made on purpose by Ankama so we would move to their launcher, but I constantly crashed every day several times when playing through the normal Dofus launcher. Seriously, I hated it.

I decided to format my laptop because it was clustered with college stuff that I do not need anymore (and no, this wasn't the reason of the fix) and instead of downloading Dofus like I always did, I downloaded the Ankama Launcher instead and downloaded/installed Dofus through there.

Guess what.

No. more. freaking. crashes. Black ground? No more. Non-Responding? No more. Game randomly closing? No more.

What the hell? Why? Did you guys break something while creating the Ankama Launcher? Did you guys make it on purpose so we would move there? Why does it work with your launcher but not with the normal one?

I do not mind using the launcher as I only play on a monoaccount server and it is faster for me to login, but for people with multiple accounts on normal servers the launcher does not seem to serve well. (Unless of course, I am missing something).

Anyways, if you guys crash, you might want to try this out. I believe it worked for a friend as well (and he didn't format his computer).

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Good morning.

I have tried this once, sometime ago, but:
- game was installed the "common normal" way, from website;
- I have only installed the Ankama launcher then, and tried to launch my game from it.

From what I remember, from back then:
- it wasn't exactly user friendly with multiaccounting;
- it was laggier than regular game, and got unplayable cuz of lag in quite a short time after opening it.

What I have done?
- I uninstalled it;
- I never tried it again.

I'd be willing to try it again:
- if/ when it becomes more multiaccount friendly, with regards to logging multiple accounts;
- if/ when it becomes less laggier and more stable than "regular Dofus launcher", for multiaccounters.

I have also tried, years back, I think, Krosmaga. I still can NOT fully UNINSTALL it.
Any clue on how to do it? If it can be done, now, maybe?

I want to uninstall it, cuz:
- I got no clue what it is doing (or lurking ?!) on my laptop, why it is so stubborn and doesn't want to uninstall;
- I was never able to play Krosmaga, it always gave me errors, regardless of the amount of times that I have tried to uninstall it and install back, and regardless of the amount of updates and fiddling that I did with my laptop.

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The ankama launcher is a lot smoother than the normal client. And it is multi friendly. Can even hit ctrl+number to open multiple windows at once. Defo would recommend. 

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I'll have to give it another try.
Maybe it did change since I have last tried it.

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