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Merchant mode scammers/hoggers

By Fablegamer - SUBSCRIBER - September 30, 2019, 02:18:08

Hi, [-1,0] and [0,0], they're imo the best areas to sell items, but i've noticed players take advantage of this and abuse it by going in merchant mode forever on those maps.

I just watched 1 player who has been on that same map for almost 1 month straight, then quickly logs in with an alt who has 1 lvl material up for sale worth 3mk.. places his alt in merch mode, then he returns and swaps back..

Is there any way you can ban players for 24hours from using the same map once they log back in, unless they log within say 20minutes to fix a mistake on there pricing or something.

And if a player over prices an items estimated value on a item below lvl 50?.. instantly kicked from merchant mode, no one will buy it any way, only someone desperate for a spot on that map and in theory is being legally scammed.

It's frustrating going in sales mode in bwork village because everywhere else is constantly full, thanks if you read this and you will have cured cancer if you fix this problem.

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Previously, the merchants were controlled by moderators. For players who had set significantly higher prices for products, the merchant mode was terminated by the mod. But today there are hardly any moderators left.

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This why I think they should do what they do with kolo and just simply restrict players from merchant mode, for a certain amount of time, as soon as they log back in on that map.

Estimated value should also work for low lvls who over price materials, and stall maps. Dofus surely has the coding to resolve this issue, without involving moderators for a 24/7 job.

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