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I am multi accounting the guest line for the 15 year event, but it doesnt allow me to craft anymore.

By CheckThisOrLife - SUBSCRIBER - October 02, 2019, 11:14:17

I made all the  dye on 1 account for my other account so i dont have to  do it all double since you can trade the dye anyway, but now im unable to make the dofuses due to this issue.  Is there anyway to fix it?  So i dont have to spend  so much time  grinding or  buying the resources again eventough i already made enough and the  current dye will just take up spots in my bank?  

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I did the exact same thing.  I spent hours today killing kwaks to get all the resources, only to realize after crafting all the yellow and blue paint that crafting the paint is what updates the quest.  And people are trying to sell this paint for 50kk each in the resource market when you can't even use it.  The only reason I thought it would work to craft it all on one and then just hand them over to my other chars is BECAUSE I already saw them for sale in the market.  Why they made it tradeable is beyond me.

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Lol. Check the quest log first as the objective is to craft not to obtain those paints. Feel sorry for ya.

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