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Error: Transfer from Ilyzaelle to Echo

By -X-Ashley-X- - SUBSCRIBER - November 10, 2019, 17:04:20

I'm trying to transfer my character from Ilyzaelle to Echo. It won't work. 

"An error has occurred. We apologize for the inconvenience. If the problem persists, please contact Ankama Support ."

I already contacted support, but since I won't hear back from them in time to meet this week's maintenance I might as well ask here in case there's something I missed.

Character is well over level 20. Transfers from Ilyzaelle to classic servers is stated to be allowed. I already have characters on Echo, so not like it's a community I can't go to. There are plenty of transfer slots available. I have only two Echo characters on the account and so surely can fit another. No name clashes.

My friend also gets the same error.

What is going on?

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First Ankama intervention

Could you please give me your support ticket number? 

See message in context
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Could you please give me your support ticket number? 

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Ah I forgot to check here since it seemed no one else was having this issue.

The support staff already responded with a generic bot message or two before telling me it's being investigated. I need my eliotrope, Corrupted-Girl, to be transferred. I've already been delayed a week due to this and it looks like I'll be delayed another week. 

Has anyone else tried to transfer from Ily to Echo, and was it successful? My friend and I cannot be the only ones...

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