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Echo server is dead

By Fablegamer - SUBSCRIBER - November 27, 2019, 20:34:15

Each week for the past month echo has been getting worse, all you see in trade chat is % off buyers and everyone trying to sell stuff.
Last month it was average in activity, my items were selling frenquently I would expect certain things to sell within the hour of placing them in the market without competition, like rose of sand.
For the past week or so, i've been tryng to sell exo maged items, rose of sand and lots more and nothing is selling, even with 0 competition in the markets.

Notice the new beta, does it have something to do with that?, if not is there anyway I can transfer to another server as I don't want to start over?

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While I do think the Echo server will continue to be the victim of ever-decreasing population, I do think you'll see the player base or at least who is online at one time increase once the expansion is out. I know for myself and a few friends, we need new content to keep playing and as there hasn't really been much new content over the last few months, I have't felt the need to play. Furthermore, with announced plans to completely revamp endgame content such as infinite dreams, I don't think many are wanting time they could be putting into the game now to go to waste.

The echo server population is absolutely a problem that needs to be and should be addressed in the near future, but I think we'll have somewhat of a resurgence once the new update hits.

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Idk guys,  i dont have any problems on echo. Im selling my stuff in normal frequancy, even np to find friends to play with. I would sey even more, its hard to find same of harvest/mining mats.

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Trees have red stars in certain areas, 5,7 area is always full of ash trees, farming is much easier.
You basically came on here to tell me i'm a liar, to something i'm seeing with my own 2 eyes, troll.

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Everyone's leaving Echo to go play on Ilyzaelle tongue

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i would sey that a most of players went to 1.29. some of my friends back from ily to echo and then they go for 1.29

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Come to Ilyzaelle, you'll understand why. It's nice to be able to actually interact with people. 

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Would love to transfer there on my char, i've worked on for a long time, profs 200 etc, don't feel like doing the same time consuming things all over again.

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I have no idea why people constantly cry about game servers. This game is not a typical hack - and - slash in which mindless kids are able to achieve anything. Here, unfortunately, you have to work hard and it doesn't suit everyone. The market has its own paths and you only need to find a demand to earn a lot. You can find people to play in my guild. I can't understand people who instead of finding people to play, all day writing and asking for support with dung ...

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