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Account not updating?

By fury-of-dawn - SUBSCRIBER - December 12, 2019, 08:53:20

Ok so I just recently purchased from the shop the service to swap a character from one account to another, and I am just wondering how long it will take until the update has gone through on the actual website, because it's still saying 0 characters on the account, so I can't access the class change section or use the KE.

I have tried logging in and out both on the websote and in-game and nothing so far. Is there some estimated time lapse for it to fix itself?

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Hi, fury-of-dawn.

Sometimes it can take a little bit of time for requests to go through. 

If the problem persists by the time you read this message,  you should contact the Ankama Support team so that they can have a look at your accounts and pinpoint where the issue might be.

Once you have a ticket number, let me know. 


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I have a ticket number and one has been submitted. #2466729

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