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The game crashes after playing for a few seconds

By mu-sama#2924 - SUBSCRIBER - April 06, 2020, 01:02:21

the problem started today suddenly when my game started crashing after playing for a short time, it just completely freezes, its CPU usage rises and task manager says it is not responding.
Now i tried restarting, clearing the cache completely, uninstalling then reinstalling and even tried it on another pc (my laptop) but it keeps happening on both.
What is happening?? i couldn't even do Almanax for today..
Did anyone else experience this?? and what can i do to fix it
btw already tried to report it but Ankama are known for their light-speed customer support (kidding obviously).
Thanks in advance.

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First Ankama intervention


Is the issue still actual after the maintenance? If so, please provide a few more details, like the server you are playing on and what you were doing before the freeze.

Thank you!

See message in context
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Same here

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Is the issue still actual after the maintenance? If so, please provide a few more details, like the server you are playing on and what you were doing before the freeze.

Thank you!

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in the echo server 
It's happen always, when I do some kolossium, or just fishing, or pvm, or nothing ... 

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Same for me. The problem started today, while I was on Temporis X server. 
The game freezes after a few seconds, no matter what you do, even just moving from a map to another. 
Using Mac. 

Small update : sometimes the game stops responding and freezes after a few minutes, not seconds. 

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Same issue with my self and other friends, soon as you log in it crashes literally within seconds and disconects you. SERVER: ECHO

game is unplayable to the people whom are experiencing this issue

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Same thing is happening for me 

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Our teams need extra information to find the source of the problem. For those who are still experiencing this problem, could you be so kind as to tell us what operating system you are using, please?

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Same here. I am using windows 10, playing on thanateos server i almost lost all my team, cause of these sudden freezes also because of it other programs i am runing at the same time like discord/chrome they also get like black screens when try to open them, i think its from dofus, cause i just came back to play and before playing other games my pc was doing flawless

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Has happened to me couple of times, just hoping it doesn't happen to me whilst i'm on heroic...

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This problem disappeared a while ago for me, and I thought everything was OK. 
Unfortunately it restarted today : game freezes after a couple of seconds. 

I'm using macOS High Sierra. 

This issue started again yesterday while on Temporis (server 4).
I logged on my regular server (Echo) and had the same problem. 

After a few seconds the game becomes unresponsive and I need to force quit it. 

2021 August 26: And this problem is back again... *sigh*

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a year later and this issue is still happening...
I get the hourglass in the top right corner that seems to always spin. and my game constantly crashes so i need to keep getting my phone to unlock assess on the authenticator app which is getting old fast..
I know its not me because i play on a new laptop and am hard wired in..
I am on the Echo Server. I play on an Asus Tuf Gaming laptop (windows 10)
It happens when I am fishing, in dungeons, harvesting, PVE. It happens when I am away from the computer for less than a minute and it happens when i am in the mids of a battle which is frustrating for myself and my team mates. 
Fix the issue...

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Greetings, fellow players and staff team!!

I have been experiencing this same problem for around 1 - 2 months.
Description: The game freezes for a while, on the top of the game appears (Not-responding), the screen goes whie-transparent for a short period of time, and then the game unfreezes. Sometimes it happens quite often, and sometimes it takes more than 10-20 minutes to happen again.
My scenario: I live in Brazil; I play on Jahash server; My internet is good; I use Windows 10; Both my laptop and my computer, with better configs, experience the same problem; I play during day-time; I only play on single-account servers; It's still happening after the maintenance.

If anyone finds out why this is happening or how to fix it, please, let me know.

Best regards,
The Kaizer.
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