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I can't finish loading on Ilyzaelle server. "The connection to the server has been interrupted".

By Granderr#3924 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 30, 2020, 19:11:15
Since 3 days (sunday) i have been trying to connect to the game, on Ilyzaelle server. 

The loading is increasing as long as it is need to get 100% and than i have to looking at loading screen for x minutes, with the knowledge that i wouldn't get access to the server anyway, i would only see error notification: The connection to the server has been interrupted  (i can play on echo without the problem, internet connection is not a problem).
Could you please fix it somehow? Idk what may be the reason. 

Best regards,

I bought the subscription, spend my money, and i can't even use it, it doesn't seems to be fair :/
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did you find a fix to this?  Im having same problem
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same problem again.. echo server
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Me too bruh the same problem
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