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Comeback Player Problem!

By nightmarebeforechristmas - SUBSCRIBER - July 02, 2020, 16:59:51

My brother account (level 195 IOP) got hacked. Last login and played was last year. The suspicious connection  was around last month. He lost all the item. This is what Ankama support reply. "After examining your case, we must notify you that unfortunately, we cannot restore the stolen item. This item were routed through numerous account and are therefore impossible for us to recover". Is there a way they can compensate us? We don't ask for all the item back because we know its not easy  but at least make it easy for us to starting back. If not? I guess Ankama support really does not help us at all. They don't care about our hard work and time including real money (for subscription)  that we invest  on this games. sad This is not our fault. Maybe this time it was my brother that was unlucky. But think of it wisely. It might be you guys who will become the victim of this f*****g hacker in the future. Someone really need to fight for this.

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