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Game freeze, black screen, out of memory error

By Daetal#5815 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - August 01, 2020, 23:58:13
Linux OpenSUSE Tumbleweed
ATI RX-580 w/ 8GB
Wine 5.13

Game regularly freezes after playing for a while. Seems to be worse if moving around the map a lot, such as using zaaps. Game will freeze and screen will show large areas of black. Sometimes game will play for a few more minutes in this state but it never recovers and eventually fully freezes, requiring a force-quit. Sometimes the game will report an "out of memory" error.

Edit: I don't know why this crappy forum editor doesn't accept image links.

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Dofus takes a lot of RAM, usually those types of crashes start to happen when there's already more than 1.2GB of RAM consummed, try to close and open a new client if you see that the application surpass that RAM usage or if you're using a 64-bit wineprefix try to change it to a 32-bit (and make sure that the game is running under 32 bits in the launcher)
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