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By Ulquiora-San - SUBSCRIBER - August 04, 2020, 11:24:00

As the title say, my game is not updating.
It's not downloading anything.

When I try to log in a window pops up telling me that "This server will not run DOFUS You should install version The Dofus client will now close". I click OK and nothing happens.
I have tried to close and relaunch but I get always to the same result.

Mac user here.

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I think they're updating the game today because something like that poped up in the chat yesterday .
Re-instaling won't make a differance and a warning on the website woudn't hurt Dofus!

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Hi there,

This kind of error is generally caused by the weekly maintenance on every Tuesday, which you can read all about here.
@OP : Is this issue resolved now?

@Danaii: The Tuesday maintenance, as well as any unannounced exceptional maintenance, are announced in a few different ways. There is an announcement posted to the top of the forum homepage every Monday evening to remind players, and is updated once the maintenance is complete (or if there is a reason why it may last longer than scheduled).

This information is also posted to the official Dofus_EN Twitter Account, along with many other important announcements. If the website's servers are also under maintenance, you can always check Twitter.

Lastly, as you saw, there are hourly messages in-game announcing the maintenance which usually start 12-14 hours prior, and those also get sent to anyone who logs in during that time. I hope this info helps you plan out your future World of Twelve adventures ^^

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