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Lack of Veteran Rewards for the elderly

By Mikefowlers - SUBSCRIBER - November 08, 2020, 08:13:10

Having collected the currently final veteran reward some time ago this year, I was wondering why there aren't any new ones for those like me who've been p(l)aying for more than 15 years.

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I'd think loyalty is something Ankama would want to reward but I've been proven wrong here many times .

In case ideas are needed, let's list some, shall we?

  • A very tiny, almost ridiculous to ride petmount like a unicorn or that pink donkey toy (the recent huge birds trend covering many cells on the map is not to everyone's liking)
  • A subtle rhineetle harness (current offers are very bling bling with all these gold armors coming straight out of Saint Seya)
  • A robot costume made of cardboard boxes
  • A tuxedo costume (for weddings and receptions at the Amakna castle)
  • A livintem wig that matches the haircolor (yes I'm an enu but I'm sure others would like to change hairdos during the day)
  • A ninja costume that matches the character's colours (yes, I like costumes )

I understand these suggestions can be seen as silly or different from the usual hat and shield, but the idea is not to get another random looking hat. Also yes, it might be quite some work to put in for not that many players but we're talking about the most loyal ones here who have spent over 15 years with Ankama.

Let's keep the ball rolling, hopefully it'll get some attention.
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How about a harness that turns a mount into a mobility scooter, a bit like the old Professor Xa:

or a costume that adds cobwebs to a char.
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