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Brakmar Creature Map

By Dez-#5265 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 08, 2021, 21:03:15
Move the god damn Creature Market I beg you.

The map gets ridiculously populated at times. I've been unable to use emotes for a full fuckign hour now. I just want to place my mounts in a paddock, move them where I want and then go play the game

You make this game so difficult to enjoy. Look at how many people are on this map, a lot AFK
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Does it help if you disable creature mode? Or are the emotes disabled on that particular map? pensive
If the emotes are disabled on that map, it's rather silly considering it's a public paddock where people go to breed mounts and will no doubt spam emotes all day long, especially in a mono-account server. It doesn't surprise me if it's the case. Perhaps it would help if you report it as an actual bug? It seems rather frustrating being unable to use emotes and having no control over your mounts movements.
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My goodness you bring up such a good point! Such a great recommendation, good catch! I do think however, that you might catch more attention if you change your vocabulary ever so slightly, to match your clear intellect. While your frustration is clear to see here, employees of Ankama games will often miss such genuine good suggestions if presented in a way that seems so . . . immature? Anyways, good idea once again, I too hope that maybe a change is on the way for this predicament.
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Prime r/iamverysmart material right here

If you were infact smart, you'd have realised by now that Ankama never will, and never have, listened to anything the International playerbase has to say. I was purely venting.

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