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Can't login on the game or view the site

By Dadiriz#3790 - SUBSCRIBER - June 11, 2021, 20:31:16

Yesterday i was locked to enter the game again, this happened some days before and i thought it was a problem in the game, since my internet and other games were working just fine, but yesterday i could see people on my discord were able to play, and i couldn't even open the site to ask for help.

Fortunately i have access to 2 internet connection, and noticed that only one of these is being blocked, which happen to be the most stable one, i'm getting an error where some sites are asking me to solve a captcha before proceeding, but when i try to get to the dofus site i got the error 1020, something to do with cloudflare.

Other sites also asked me to solve the captcha (which doesn't happen with my 2nd internet connection), but only Dofus blocked me from entering both the site and the game, when i tried to login via launcher i got the error "An error has occurred", and when i tried to log in directly via launcher, it refused to enter the server selection and just got disconected when my internet was working perfectly.

Any way i could fix my first internet connection? It's the only one with ethernet cable

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Error 1020 with Cloudflare means that your connection is being denied by Cloudflare itself as a security measure. Cloudflare is a company that provides many services to websites, including content distribution and security infrastructure. Something to do with your connection is causing Cloudflare to deny you (are you using a VPN or another modification as part of your internet setup?).

You will have to work with Ankama Support to figure out why you are being blocked from accessing the sites and games.

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I don't use a VPN, but when i switched back to my ethernet cable connection the problem was gone, i have no idea of what caused the problem or what made it go away, but i guess i'm happy is over

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