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By EdgarWallace#8450 - SUBSCRIBER - June 16, 2021, 21:34:50

I just logged on to my usual device (laptop) using usual internet connection and i get some bull*hit that i need to put in security code to play because "NEW LOGIN DETECTED". 

Normally it wouldn't be a problem if not for the fact that Ankama DOESN'T SEND ME THE FREAKING EMAILS FOR HOURS!

I can only use restricted mode which is severily limited and it'll cost me failing daily almanax quest...

Anyone else has such problems / knows how to handle them?

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Yeah, only I got the code sent to Email relatively quickly. The thing that got on my nerves however was that the game kicked me (mid fight) for no reason, and to log back in I had to enter the code to prove this is my usual internet connection or some BS. I'm sure this bug is also related to why I have to manually enter my logs every single time I open Dofus now too -- regardless of the check box "remember my shit" being checked' or not.

I'm worried if this keeps up (the constant getting kicked and re-logging in) that the game is going to think something malicious is happening and ban the account until further notice... This game feels more and more broken with each passing maintenance/update, and it's honestly keeping me too un-motivated to bother playing these days. Hope y'all over at Ankama Games can get it together soon :/

Much love,
An increasingly dissuaded adventurer ~

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