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Cant add mobile number to account

By Oldazor#4545 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 10, 2021, 20:48:33
I don't receive SMS code for mobile verification, i live in Russia, and try to use different numbers, but still dont receive it, I wrote in support (#2919927), ankama has support workers? I have been waiting for a decision already within 24 hours, it is enough just to add a telephone number to the account, why was it necessary to introduce rules for entering the servers only if there is a verified number? You need not only a subscription to enter the server, but also a confirmation of the number, as a result, 2 days of subscription passed in anticipation, terrible service...

Edit: Problem is solved, thx too support
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i have the same issue its really terrible still the same thing in 2023
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In order to receive assistance on this, I invite you to contact the Support team.
They will be able to assist you with account-related problems such as this!

I will also close this forum thread as it is quite old and the problem was solved for the original poster through his support ticket!