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Account banned

By BL4cK1ll3r#5424 - SUBSCRIBER - December 02, 2021, 21:23:02

My account was banned for no reasoning at all.
I tried to log in and saw the message saying that my account was under sanctions for 3 days.
I went to check email to find out the reason and i saw 2 email that I received at the same time, first email was notifying me for an unban on my account which wasn’t banned, and at the same time I received a secondary email stating that my account is getting banned for 3 days.
I would like to hear back as soon as possible, I have sent a ticket as well but know for fact that will just get an automatic response from it and will just lose days of subscription on my account for no reason.

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Can support this statement.

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also the same bro for me it happen i just was afk in Zap brakmar then i got disconnected from the game [ you are banned for 48 hour ] after 48 hours finish they banned me permmently for no reason 
when you send message to support they say you are using a program bot or something like that unfair and bad anticheat in the game 
why i use the bot if i have items dofus everything to play and im omega 224 

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Hi there,
Please contact Ankama Support to inquire about sanctions to your account. Permanent bans are actions taken directly by Ankama, not the moderators or community managers, so there is nothing we can do to assist you here.

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Sorry for my english. Also the same happen to mine and my girlfriend's accounts in Boune server.  It happen, when I just was afk in Bonta Arena with mine account. I came to pc after 5 - 10 minutes, then i got disconnected from the game [ you are banned for 48 hour by [Duck]]. The thing is about 10 mins before i went afk I done daily pet feeding for both of our accounts from 1 pc (1 account at the time, what is allowed) and I always log in through Ankama launcher, that there would not be any problems. 24 hours passed and it shows that mine and my girlfriend's accounts are permanently banned. I got ban about 47 hours ago from this moment and I haven't got any answer from Support.

Me and my girlfriend each got different pc and different internet connection and the thing is - we got ban practically at the same time. 

I just want to get back mine and my girlfriend's account back so we could play together. My in-game nickname: Lux-Fortune and my girlfriend's in-game nickname: Zero-Arrow 

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You two will need to contact Support separately (you can't send a ticket on her behalf). As I said above, when a ban is moved to a permanent ban, that is an action taken directly by Ankama, and you must submit a Support ticket to appeal the decision.

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